Pritunl 1.7 Release Announcement

Pritunl 1.7

Version 1.7 of Pritunl has been released. This release adds gateways and support for Ubiquiti EdgeRouters with a plugin for EdgeMax. An additional advanced option for setting the hash algorithm has also been added to the vpn server settings.


Gateway network links allow a vpn client to act as a gateway to a remote local network. This is done by creating a user and specifying the network that is local to the client. Once the client connects the Pritunl server will route all traffic for the specified local network to that client. This will allow any connected vpn clients to access the remote local network as well as allowing the devices on the local network to access the other vpn clients. This is best done using an EdgeRouter as the gateway client device. The gateway feature is only available with an Enterprise license.

EdgeRouter Support

A plugin has been developed for the EdgeMax operating system to allow Pritunl profiles to be easily added and managed on EdgeRouters. New tutorials are available on different use cases for Pritunl with EdgeRouters.


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