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Desperate time calls for desperate measures!

If the working hour is reduced significantly, this might increase the overall demand for labor and probably address the unemployment issue. This will not only help Nepal but also help economy all over the world.

The government can create more jobs by decreasing the…

Nepali products are expensive than Indian or Chinese counter-part. This is the general complaint we hear from Nepali consumers. And this is true. Nepali products are generally expensive in most of the cases.
But why is it expensive? Here are some of my assumptions about why they are expensive.
· All raw…

2010s has all been hype of start-ups, everything digital and technology.

Entrepreneurship and startup is hot word and will continue to sell. Startup is just a fancy name for “small business” and entrepreneurship is just a spun word of “how to make money”. “How to make money” is a niche…

The new stat published by NRB showed a somewhat optimistic stat for “Digital Nepal”. Banking Penetration has reached 60% and a whopping 8.3 million are now subscribed to mobile banking.

But does this reflect the real scenario?

Considering the mobile app download data of Android and iOS barely 23%…

While “financial inclusion”, “banking the un-banked” and “connecting rural with financial accessibility” has been the motto of every wallet, e-banking, and m-banking, INGOs the strategy they have adopted says the opposite.


Mobile banking/mobile wallets/apps enable transactions from anywhere — anytime. And mobile first approach is a right path. However, issue…

I’m not a fan of people’s movement or “citizen activism.” Most so called people’s movement as unseen actor — controlling the narratives and agendas. I’m not political science expert, but citizen activism has just become a tool — a manipulation.

Nepal itself can be taken as a prime example of…

Probably this is what you learned at school.
Well, your childhood was a lie.

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Even if you search in internet for term “2nd richest country in water resources” most of the Nepali bloggers and organization regards Nepal as 2nd richest country in water resources after Brazil. And…

While some of his demands are logical and good. Some are equally bad. These demands morally sound good but doesn’t work. I’m not even mentioning his political cause.

While a good number of Nepali know about Dr. KC’s hunger strike, only a few of them know what his demands are…

Based on several whitepapers and original paper of Bitcoin itself,
the price of Cryptocurrencies are based on Demand, Supply, and limited supply or supply cap — and the supply cap has been a major factor for determining a value for major crypto.

Because of fixed/limited supply of cryptocurrency, it won’t…


This is Pritush from Nepal, sup people!!!

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