My memoir of Linkin Park

I lived in Pokhara till 9 and later moved to hometown Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur at that time was conservative to the core — with no cable TV around. We were limited to Nepali TVs and few Hindi Channels like ZEE TV and Sahara.

I was pretty much unknown to foreign music. Though, now and there were pirated cassettes with English music. Till that time I was not into music and neither had I developed my ear for filtering music.

Later the Bhaktapur became bit liberal and there was cable TV. I was super excited to have it. May be, it was 2002/03?

There was a local cable channel. They used to broadcast music & movies and there was an option where viewers can call the number and choose the music. This is where I first heard Linkin Park. The song was In The End, LP was a staple of the broadcast. Now and then there was Linkin Park — mostly, “In The End”, “Crawling, Numb” etc. This was probably the first time I heard LP. I was hooked instantly. The energetic catchy riffs, samples, rap, and scream! It was one definitely an exciting one.

I got my first PC in around 2006. The first thing I got for my self was Hybrid Theory and Meteora from one of my friend. I was pretty much hooked into it. There were lyrics sheets and I listened to the album on repeat for years to come.

Minutes to Midnight was released in 2007. It was a major shift in musical direction for the band. But I still like their new sound. I got pirated Minutes to Midnight CD but it had old LP demos and singles — mostly it was a fake cd. I resorted to downloading few tracks using dial-up. ADSL & broadband internet was not a thing back then. I even download few more music videos and track. Later I got the full album from a friend.

By this time I was listening to different genre and artist from all over. And probably in 2009, I was a metal kid. Mostly listening to metal. Still, when “A thousand Sun” came out I download the album and went through all track — Though I wasn’t hooked as before. Same with 2014 release Hunting Party. Even though I got my hand in this album as soon as they were released. They were not bad — but I wasn’t pretty much hooked into it. Besides few tracks, the album had many forgettable tracks.

2017, LP released “One more light”, the first track “Heavy” created a shitstorm. People were pissed about the change in direction. The pop-ish sound alienated their die hard old fans who still wanted LP to release their signature style Hybrid Theory. Other singles like “Good Goodbye” were pretty much shitted on. The reviews were pretty much bad for the album. And I wasn’t much hyped about the album.

Until one morning I opened up my mobile and there was a notification about Chester’s death. It was saddening. I downloaded “One more Light” and went through the songs one-by-one, going through lyrics.

The album has electronic and jolly pop sound. Yet lyrics are dark and deep. It reflects the inner battle of one. Not all — but most of them. “Sharp Edges” & “One more light” stands out from the album because of its minimal acoustic sound. The lyrics here in this album is really powerful one. I feel connected to the album as I was connected to Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

We liked Linkin Park for their unique dynamic sound. And they need to evolve with time, if they had been dropping an album with same sound then they would have gone stale and boring. Time changes — everyone needs to change.

Regardless, Linkin Park will never be same without Chester. They should do a last show as tribute to Chester and breakup.

Unlike, Vice’s article, I didn’t listen to Linkin Park when there was war going outside. Kathmandu Valley was pretty much safe during that time. Also, there was no public terrorist attack in Valley. 
 Number of Terrorist attack in Kathmandu during civil war < Number of Terrorist attacks in London.