What went wrong with Gutenberg and its possible fix

What went wrong with Gutenberg and possible fix

Gutenberg — the new editor for Wordpress generally received bad reviews. People shitted on it mercilessly. The new editor tried to change the TinyMCE which has been a staple of WordPress since the beginning.

People resist change. This is what happened. Microsoft pissed off a large amount of user when they introduced new “Start Menu” — the concept of the metro wasn’t bad but the majority of UX was super bad and hard to use in the desktop environment. They finally got the Start menu right in windows 10. Similar to the old start menu but with better UX & UI. They are of statement functionality as well as live tiles in the side. Also not metro apps.

WordPress’s new editor is getting similar treatment. Though the concept is good it has bad UX/UI. It most possibly will break existing plugin/theme functionality. This new editor will not only confuse old user but also a new user. Though I’m not sure, it will most possibly break page builders or post layouts that are heavily dependent on short-codes — like Visual Composer or Site Origin Builder.

In my opinion the most confusing part in adding block. Most WP users are unfamiliar with Block concept. If you have used Pagebuilders like of Divi, VC, you might be able to get this. It seems like WordPress is trying too much to copy the simplicity of medium — a popular blogging platform. This has crippled the original functionality of builder.

However, the posts you create from new Gutenberg are really good looking and properly formatted. And making such good looking post is much easier to create this new editor. You might need to use 3rd party plugins/shortcode to get similar functionality in current WordPress.

Once you get a hold of it, you will definitely appreciate it much more.

Here is what they can do to fix it.
 1. Change UI to make border much visible and make user know they can add “blocks”. (As shown in picture)

2. Currently “Insert” menu is dropdown menu which displays various blocks options and elements. Rather than showing them in dropdown they can be added at the top as a toolbar. There are already lots of whitespaces.

3. Just replace TinyMCE with the new editor! Don’t change anything, just the editor — everything else is same as of good ol’ WP. (as shown in picture)