Why Bibeksheel Nepali & Sajha Party will lose in upcoming election

Rabindra Mishra once said, “Nepali Voters are like people who go to a restaurant, they look at the whole menu & order mo:mo at last.”

He is right. This is the same reason Bibeksheel Nepali & Sajha Party has bleak chance of getting a win in the upcoming election. Most people will vote traditional political parties i.e. Congress, UML, Maoist, RA.PA.PAA and Madeshi Party (in Terai). They will not even try to know who is the candidate and what they will be doing. They will just look at the sign and vote.

Besides, both of these parties BN & SP, are heavily focused on capital — Kathmandu. There is definitely going to be stiff competition for the capital and most of the voters won’t probably trust or vote them. Also, they will in battle with Keshav Sthapit, ex-mayor of Kathmandu. I don’t know how he did the job back then but I have heard mostly well about him. Sajha Party at least has experienced candidate. But BN has 21yr old undergraduate student as a candidate. She knows political correctness but doesn’t know inner politics and lacks experience in politics or any leadership activities. I’m not counting her role in social cause issues she previously advocated in. Like of every political party, their manifesto is vague filled with optimism but no exact plan on how-to. Sajha Party has a same vague manifesto.

Sthapit and Kishor Thapa has some plan and vision. Sthapit specially is a good talker and proclaimed he has estimates for his plan. Whereas Ranju has very limited vision and mostly focus on the populist issue. Also, in every interview, she mentions how brave she is for taking initiation and being part of the election. This is very weak point!
 Registering candidacy is easy. All you have to be is 21yrs old, comply with guidelines and deposit security. Anyone that complies with these can register candidacy.

It would have been better if they had started from some other place than Kathmandu. While people is other places of Nepal are complaining about government being centralized and capital focused — the only place they are targeting is Kathmandu.

I looked at BN’s manifesto. They have incorrectly added the picture of Bhaktapur Durbar square under World Heritage Kathmandu. Bhaktapur is not Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur will have a different mayor.
 Source : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx5IWwWGs76wYkJ5UFRzVEJBN00/view

Regardless, my best wishes! Sajha Party & UML-Keshav Sthapit has some probability of winning — considering the experience of the candidate. Hopefully, people will vote rationally.

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