Julia Holmes

I really liked your storyboard. It was elaborate and really showed what your experience was like. It gave me the opportunity to really know what you were thinking/ feeling through out your experience. I think that this was helpful, and just over all done very well.

I wish that your observation would have been more geared towards kids. I understand that it’s hard to find an opportunity to observe children snacking because of where you live, but it might have given you more insight if your observation was actually of kids. Otherwise I thought your observation was still a good way to learn a little bit more about your theme.

What if during your experience, you referenced your interviews? Your experience made a lot of sense and you tied it into children snacking by deciding what snack you would buy through a parents perspective, but where did that “parent perspective” come from? If you learned about what parents would want for their kids from your interviews, it could be interesting to see you incorporate that in with your interview!

Over all this blog looks great! Its clear that you learned a lot through this research process, good job!

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