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With the COVID-19 outbreak keeping many at home, Zoom has been seen a huge increase in use with schools and businesses. But with growing privacy and security concerns, how can you stay safe?

By PrivacyTools Member Daniel Gray

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to make rapid lifestyle adjustments to keep up with social distancing and isolation rules. More of us are working and studying from home, and using telecommunication tools for conferences and lectures is becoming a daily habit for people around the world.

One of these tools in particular, Zoom, has been seen a huge increase in use since the COVID-19 outbreak. This is due in part to their clever marketing and support materials they’ve provided to teachers, students, office workers, and employers. …

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DNSCloak is an open-source DNSCrypt and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) client for iOS, which gives users the ability to encrypt their DNS requests through the use of an on-device VPN profile.

While highly configurable, its user interface can be unintuitive to less tech-savvy users and doesn’t easily allow users to add custom DoH resolvers, apart from the default “public-resolvers” list that the DNSCrypt project provides.

Before diving in, it’s important to understand that while there is a lot of nuance to DNSCrypt and DoH, these two DNS protocols essentially achieve the same goals: They both provide users with the ability…

The Tor network is an anonymity system designed to protect the privacy and anonymity of its users. Unlike a VPN service, Tor is both free to use and decentralized. Sadly, there is plenty of misinformation around about Tor. This post aims to clearly explain Tor and to debunk various myths surrounding it.

How does Tor work?

The Path Tor works by sending your traffic over a network of thousands of voluntarily run nodes (sometimes referred to as relays). Each node is a server that is run by volunteers to help you improve your privacy and anonymity. Every time you connect to Tor, it will…

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