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Private Gatsby
Feb 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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My Self Portrait

Private Gatsby

Hello everyone. My name is Private Gatsby, and I am so excited to be here and writing to you!

I know there aren’t very many Everyones right now, but I hope lots of Everyones will start to visit the Blog so I can share some helpful, interesting and (hope) entertaining content with lots of people out there.

Who am I?

I suppose you could call me a dog, a yellow lab, retriever mix to be more precise on my looks. Don’t ask me about the paws-on-the-keyboard type stuff, just know it happens somehow.

I was born on September 11, 2015 (I know, woah…so many serendipitous things about that down the road).

I was bred, trained, and graduated as an assistance dog from Canine Companions for Independence (I am going to refer to it as Canine Companions because it takes up so much space to write out the whole name every time and going forward, I am going to be concise and respectful of your attention span).

I now work as a facility dog for the Home Base, which is a program of Massachusetts General Hospital and The Boston Red Sox Foundation. I work with Ryan and Tim and I can’t wait to tell you about them. Home Base serves veterans and their families- they are really nice there and don’t even ask if you like the Yankees because their work is really not about baseball.

Enough of those details for now and links are included if you want that information immediately…plus, I don’t want to lose you since this is just an introduction.

Why am I here and why am I writing a blog?

There is so much content out there on the web these days, and I just find myself tangled up in its webbiness; overwhelmed, dubious, bored, distracted and mostly I feel lost like Pooh in the 100-Acre Woods.

I suspect that might have happened to you before too, and that you might like to read something more light and airy that would be about an Important Topic, but would just introduce you to it and then have the deep-dive stuff linked, rather than piled on top of the Written by a Dog Simple Stuff.

Think of this like watching fun YouTube videos, except at the end, you will feel good about yourself and learn something other than that a cat can fall off a high bookshelf and not get hurt.

Or, like finding out that there can be a delicious and fulfilling substitute for Cheetos. Who better to do that than a working dog with a mission?

AND. most importantly…

What am I planning on writing about?

Here is a sampling with a Sprinkling of distracted playful things that might remotely be related to, or make you think of deeper, more Important Things that might be educational and seem intricate, or boring, or possibly sad or uncomfortable and therefore should be addressed because Ignoring them would be probably worse than Addressing them. Like cavities.

Sometimes, though, I ignore run on sentences and other grammatical rules because I am a dog and I can.

So, the list: veterans and their families are very important to me especially because I work for Home Base and that is my passion and my job. Of course, Canine Companions is important, as well; you will hear about my brethren assistance dogs who not only work with people such as vets, but also, those with mental or physical disabilities even hearing dogs…. SO much to tell you about Home Base and Canine Companions, but I will have dedicated entries for them.

There will be some dog’s eye view pics because people seem to be more into photos these days. Maybe I need an Instagram too; probably not Pinterest because pins scare me and I would feel like it would have to have recipes. Also, I will delve into things related to the above and also other fetching topics like mental health, school recess, brain plasticity, 5-inning baseball, philosophical stuff, shiny objects and probably not politics because then I would be too polarizing.

That’s it for now hope you come back, write back and tell your friends too.

Your friend, Private Gatsby🐾

Private Gatsby

Written by

dog with a mission

Private Gatsby

Written by

dog with a mission

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