Brought to you by Private Porch.

Andrew Schulz runs which has created the smoke detector for noise. It allows owners to be proactively monitoring for noise in their homes and gives the ability to notify guests if it gets too loud. An electrical engineer by training, Andrew has built a great company with a product that is truly helpful for owners while making sure to be “privacy safe” for the guests.

Andrew is hunkered down in Dallas with his team working remotely. He’s clearly a sharp mind and has some great thoughts on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead post COVID-19.

Brought to you by Private Porch.

My guest this week is Dan Weber from Dan and I had a good conversation talking through COVID-19 issues and a variety of other topics including his harrowing adventures trying to return from the Philippines during the lockdown. is a place for hosts and guests to find resources for getting help with Airbnb and to generally vent. Dan has been running the site now for 5+ years and has definitely heard his share of stories.

Thanks for listening and if you have a guest that you think might be interesting for “The Invited Guest” by all means don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve got several more guests I’ll be interviewing in the coming weeks and always looking for more insight. After all, we have nothing but time for content these days. 🙂

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