Don’t End Up on an Escort Blacklist

Don’t End Up on a Escort Blacklist

by Mimi Tram

An Escort Blacklist is a collection of people who will never be granted a booking with that escort. Every escort has one and there are a few ways that will instantly give you a VIP pass to the top of her blacklist. The first and, I think, the most obvious way to fast-track to the top is by refusing to pay the proper fee. Duh!! The second way to threaten or act violently. I have zero tolerance for either of these actions and I am sure all escorts feel the same way. You might doing something that unknowingly gets you on a blacklist. Let me explain some common mistakes and correct escort etiquette to you and hopefully you can avoid the fate of forever dating your right hand.

Condoms stay on your penis really really well.

There is no need to hold onto the base of the condom. It makes you look like a rookie punter. Keeping hold on your condom or stopping for too many adjustments is sure to get your date annoyed. Annoyance and sexual chemistry kinda cancel each other out. So stop playing with the condom! Put your hands on what they should be playing with.

Building a Connection

I pride myself on being easy to talk with and being able to connect with my clients to a deep level. Most escorts strive for a connection during their sessions. Sometimes though we need a bit of help from you. Being quiet and not telling us what you want makes it hard for us to connect. The result can be a very disappointing session for you. So please try to tell us what you want in our date. It’s just you and me. You can whisper your desires into my ear and no one else will know! If you don’t say anything and you don’t get turned on, it makes for a very unhappy session for both of us. We know that we are not there to talk books for the entire date. However, when you meet us, we like to have some “getting to know you” time leading up to the fun, then the usual activities after the fun — before the next round of fun. Our rates are based on reasonable amounts of time engaged in those other activities. Do not impose your urgency on us and skip those activities. Don’t try to use up our entire date time testing out your Viagra dosage.

Following Instructions

My clients come from all over the world. My sisters on EOS who are international escorts have an equally diverse client base. We are all very good at explaining our booking instructions regardless of the client’s home language. If you ignore my instructions for confirming our date, you increase the amount of work or risk for me to accept your booking. Ask me if you do not understand the instructions. Most escorts will be happy to explain the reason why we need it done a certain way.

Performance Anxiety

The wonderful aspect of an escort career is the opportunity to meet a wide range of people. I truly love this about my job. However I just need to say, Don’t be Weird!! If you have feelings of anxiety or extreme nervousness about meeting me, please tell me before we meet. I can be prepared if I know what to expect. If you have cold sweat, clammy palms and darting eyes when we meet, I’ll be really freaked out and you won’t see me again.

Expectations of a Pornstar Experience

The stuff that happens in porn movies are not what happens in your date with an escorts. Every escort have their own rules and boundaries. Know the boundaries of your escort and respect them. Ask us before you confirm the booking — not after we meet. Ask us once, yes please! Ask us twice, ok maybe you do not understand our English. However, ask us three times and Blacklist here you come!


It seems to me that poor manners and poor hygiene are generally found together. You will not make me love you if you constantly use “f#@k” as your adjective, verb, and exclamation. If you smoke, please invest in high quality dental care products and use them before you see your escort. Potty mouth and dragon breath do not help build the connection with your chosen escort for intense and earth shaking sessions.


Finally, I think this is the most common mistake. Don’t be a time waster. A timewaster is some one who writes long multiple page emails to explain how much they would like to book a date. Or someone who sends several messages or texts without first confirming a booking. A very simple idea to remember — we all have limited time for work and we prefer to use that time in paid bookings. For you, it’s just a four step method. Step 1: make contact with us. Step 2: confirm date and time. Step 3: pass screening. then finally Step 4: pay your deposit. I love to get short notes from regular clients but every escort has their own idea on the length of a “short” note. Ask her first. Everyone has other demands on our time so sometimes, it is unavoidable that our date has to be cancelled. Notice, I say, cancelled. There is no such thing as rescheduling a date — it is a cancellation. If you cannot meet me as planned, you will cancel this date and maybe you can book another one. Escorts devote both physical and emotional energy to prepare for a date. When you cancel our appointment, we lose your booking as well as the other people who wanted a date at that time. Do not be surprised if you get on the escort blacklist if you cancel more than once.

I hope these short pointers help you avoid the list. Really it much easier to stay off the list than to try to get off an escort blacklist.

*The opinions contained in this article are those of the author.

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