Access to the 5th Dimension (5D)

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South Beach Miami, Art Basel 2017

When looking at evolution in terms of dimensions, we must begin with form. Form comes into existence in the 2nd dimension. 2D is just form and has no consciousness. Objects belong to 2D. They’re the props that set the stage for our physical experience of reality.

In the 3rd dimension, consciousness comes into being and begins its trajectory toward awakening, also known as self-realization. In 3D, human consciousness identifies primarily with its physical manifestation and has little to no connection to its spiritual essence. The process of moving beyond the 3rd dimension into the higher dimensions of consciousness is what we most typically relate to as spiritual transcendence. This is where we lift off from the physical and gain consciousness of the spiritual.

The 5th dimension (5D) is the first of the higher spiritual dimensions back to Source . It’s a plane of consciousness. It’s a perceived reality. It’s a range of frequencies. It’s a state of being. The 5th dimension resonates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension where most of humanity has been experiencing reality so far. In the 3rd dimension, our reality is distorted such that we experience ourselves as separate from the unified field of consciousness. In the 3rd dimension, the illusion of fear, separation, and scarcity appear as reality. As a result, reactionary impulses such as anger, sadness, and other low frequency emotions are common in the face of the circumstances of our lives.

Planet Earth, a conscious and evolving being, is already well into her own transition into the frequencies of the 5th dimension. With her ascension, the 5th dimension is also available to all the human beings who inhabit her. This explains why the socio-political systems that run on the values of 3D are losing their grip and popular support. Their dis-functionality, which once seemed to make complete sense to the masses, now appears broken, unjust, and unable to serve the well-being of the human population.

While a growing number of us have access to the 5th dimension, most of us still dwell somewhere between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. At times, we find that we’re able to fill blissful, act compassionately, generously and forgivingly toward ourselves and others. At other times, we get stuck in fear, sadness, anger, and blame. The transition from 3D to 5D is not a one-step process for most people. It’s a state of being that we might get a glimpse/taste of and then lose, to get a glimpse/taste of again and lose again. When we lose access to the frequencies and related emotions, thoughts, and actions of 5D we have most likely slipped back into 3D consciousness.

Let’s look at the 4th dimension now. 4D works a little like an elevator. It can take us up, and it can also take us down. It’s the dimension of thought and emotions, and it gives us access to the 5th dimension or drops us down into the 3rd dimension.

What opens the gateway to the 4th dimension is typically a clear thought and an associated strong emotion.

When the mind imagines a clear thought which typically generates an emotion, we enter the frequency of the 4th dimension through the gateway of the heart. If the thought is negative and generates a low frequency emotion like fear or anger, we drop down into 3D. If the thought is positive and generates a high frequency emotion like joy or gratitude, we rise to 5D.

Pretty simple, right?

Sure. The equation is simple to grasp intellectually but stepping into 5D is much more challenging in practice. The simplicity in understanding the process however, if nothing else, brings us at the gateway of the possibility for ascension. This is why I love to put spiritual ascension into the context of dimensions. When we look at it this way, it becomes hard to believe that anyone aware of this possibility would want to vibrate at 3D when they can choose to vibrate at 5D! Why would anyone choose fear, sadness, or anger, over joy, kindness, and peace? In this context, I think the choice becomes pretty simple and obvious. And notice, I’ve been mentioning choice a lot here.

Choice is the primary gift of the 4th dimension.

In 4D, we have access to choice. In the moment we imagine a thought and experience its associated emotions, if we become aware that we are choosing that thought and can choose any other thoughts instead, we have the choice to take the higher ground.

With this newly found awareness, we can practice the elevator ride. Notice when something triggers you... You won’t have to wait long for this opportunity because you will most likely get triggered in one of your next encounters today. If someone upsets you, notice the emotional trigger and see if you can shift your interpretation of the encounter/situation/person to something that is positive and empowering. You will have to focus a bit. You might even have to fake it at first. Don’t worry, just fake it. Your reality is an illusion anyway, so you might as well turn the illusion into one that feels good rather than one that feels bad. As soon as you take your attention off a negative thought and focus it on an empowering interpretation of the situation or person you just encountered, you will experience a different emotional response. That conscious emotional response will turn the downward-going elevator set off by your trigger, and flip it on its head into an upward-going elevator that gives way to higher emotional frequencies. The more fire you feed your higher emotional frequencies, the more grounded you will get in them. It’s literally just a matter of ongoing PRACTICE.

1. Notice the trigger.

2. Pause.

3. Choose a high frequency response instead of an automatic negative reaction.

4. Experience the shift.

If experiencing life through the lens of 5D is of interest to you, begin practicing today. Just like every other skill in life, this one takes will and a commitment to practice. With time, you will notice that your ability to catch the moment of choice over reaction will become easier and faster. In the moment of choice, if you opt for a conscious and high frequency response over a low frequency reaction, you will single handedly raise your frequency and initiate your ascending journey. This possibility is now available to all of us.

What an incredible time it is to be alive. What an incredible opportunity we have right now in these human bodies and on this planet.

See you all in the 5th dimension.

Mystic, Artist, Writer, Educator. Founder of Inner Journey Practices, Tehran.

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