Who’s the God in your life?

The great Tamil (a South Indian language and my mother tongue) poet Avvayaar says in her கொன்றை வேந்தன் writing on how to live life :

“Annayum Pithaavum Munnari Dheivam”

அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முன்னறி தெய்வம்


Your mother & father are your first God(s)

I deeply believe in this and respect this thought. I also would dare say that anyone who is not taking care of his parents is not human. Also by ‘taking care’, I don’t mean you sit somewhere far away in a far far land and send them money for their expenses ; sorry, this is also inhuman. You need to be with them, support them and give moral strength to them. What else is needed for them at this age and stage in life, when they have grown to become very vulnerable both in their body and mind? When you were vulnerable as a kid, imagine they put you in an expensive well-equipped hostel and paid the monthly fees, and called you once in a while to say hi? Would you have liked it as a kid? It would be depressing! So don’t do it to them when they are vulnerable now. When you were vulnerable, you needed them. They gave you that emotional safety and also a secure environment to be in and grow. But when they have crossed that stage, grown you up to a self-sustaining individual to where you are today with all your achievements and career and what not, why do you throw them away? Is it because they are no more ‘useful’? Is it because they are a ‘burden’? Just think if they thought of you as a burden when you were a kid throwing tantrums every now and then?

It’s my humble prayer to all of you out there ; your career can give you only so much happiness, money can give you only so much good things ; but above all, there are certain things in life which touch your soul deep within. And this is one of them. Money is important, but to an extent only ; beyond that, it’s just a piece of paper. If you had all the money in the world, but not a person to love you truly without any expectation, then of what use is all that money? Career is important, but to an extent only ; beyond that, it’s irrelevant to your inner satisfaction. But what gives you the most soulful abundant happiness is when your parents feel blessed they have a son/daughter who is taking care of them. The most depressing fact would be if they felt you let them down when they needed you the most. Don’t let that happen … ever. They are like kids at this age ; they have crossed the point of maturity and they feel weak, fragile and vulnerable. It’s difficult. Yes, as a kid, we were vulnerable; but that vulnerability is different. Because, when we were a kid, we never knew what it is to stand up on our own … never knew what it is to goto school alone. So it is acceptable. But imagine their situation ; they have been through years of being on their own, catering to their own needs and wants. Now, after all this, when they become vulnerable and old (don’t forget that you will also be, one day), it’s depressing. So all they need is someone to be with them, someone to care for them. Can you promise yourself to give them this simple happiness? After all, they created you .. you are here today because of them. So for this one grand life-giving reason, can you please take a self-oath right now that you will give them the happiness that you will be there for them life long and support them with your fullest efforts please?




Living life … one moment at a time!

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Priya Sri

Priya Sri

Living life … one moment at a time!

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