Memories are like anchors. They root us to those special moments that shaped our lives. They instantly take us back to the sights; smells and sounds of experiences that we hold dear. And when such memories mark a new beginning, they forever hold a special place in our hearts. This is a story about one such memory. A story about the long and winding road that led me to your door.

Noises of our laughter and merriment filled the bus. With the wind in our hair, in unison, we sang the songs that filled our hearts with joy. Our professor threw a song request of his own and joyfully joined the fifty of us as our bus continued its journey to a remote village. With wonderful company and a lovely parade of trees that refused to leave our sides, we couldn’t have asked for a better road trip, until our bus broke down. The mechanic who was a ten-minute walk away informed us that it will be a day before she was ready to take us on. And thus began the longest walk of our lives. With the sun preparing to retire for the day, we hustled on to begin the three-hour-long walk to our destination. Though the wind wasn’t willing to accompany us, we hardly missed its absence. Within minutes into our walk, we were led into a road that branched off and snaked its way to our village. The bus ride was but only a preview of the beauty that we were so swiftly passing by. The beautiful wildflowers, the rustling of the leaves on trees and shrubs of the kind we have never seen before bordered massive carpets of lush greenery.

We were too distracted to pay attention to our legs that were taken aback by the sudden adventure. A bunch of people from the village met us halfway through our journey. They led us on, singing songs of their folklore, overwhelming our senses with their wonderful tales. As we neared the village, as the long winding road was coming to its end, we noticed something glow. Once we turned off our flashlights, we gasped at what we were witnessing. Glowing in the path that led us to the village, were hundreds of fireflies. And at that moment, as I stood there witnessing nature’s spectacle at display, came this ache. An ache that longed for your company that can make this moment complete. And it was at that precise moment that I realized what you meant to me. And that my darling is why, the memory of the long and winding road that led me to your door will never leave my heart.




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