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Harry Potter
Harry James Potter

I wish I didn’t remember his middle name
but I do

The thing is, I remember
lots from the Harry Potter books

Mimbulus mimbletonia
Neville Longbottom
Madam Rosmerta
Wingardium Leviosa

And it’s not my fault
because those are funny spiky names
designed to be memorable
it’s hard not to remember
a magical sweetshop
or a pet dragon
or being a kid and feeling very strongly
that you’ve got no-one at all in your corner

There seemed to be so much happening in those books
but really it was only two things
somebody trying to kill Harry
and Hermione doing all his…

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Change of Residence (Changement de Residence), by Paul Gauguin

“What about exercise?”

She looked up. “I hadn’t considered it.”

“We have to get exercise. We’d go mad otherwise.”

The lockdown had been announced only the day before, and they had had no time to prepare. The Prime Minister had explained sorrowfully (he had a trick of sounding very sorrowful about punishments, as if he were your own disappointed father) the necessity of the measure. No time, he said, for people to stock up on anything — no time for people to go home across state borders. The entire nation would be in quarantine for twenty-one days.

“Okay.” She nodded once, twice. Her throat hurt. …

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Photo by Polly Alexandra on Unsplash

Dear Big Vibrator,

We get it. You love to make tiny vibrator attachments to stick on the end of regular vibrators for things like “clitoris stimulation” and“G-spot stimulation” and “adding texture to our orgasms.” (What do you mean by texture? Like…grainy?)

But could you please take into consideration that some of us have more pressing needs? Here’s a list of vibrator attachments that women everywhere would actually benefit from:

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