So hum is a Sanskrit mantra which means “ I AM “ .

I was first introduced to this word in one of the meditation series of Deepak Chopra and Oprah. ” I am” is a sentence in itself — a realization that dawned slowly and steadily upon me in my journey connecting within.

This word fascinates me no end. A couple of years ago, these two words — “i am” never felt complete to me until i added a third word — any word that felt complete. For example, I am a daughter. I am a wonderful teacher. I am a sensitive therapist and so on… These were labels that made me define me and they were factual facets of my life and myself! But something inspired me in the meditation that day to reflect upon these third words — these labels.

These labels or the different roles i played or the adjectives that i used to describe myself merely elaborated what i do and how i behave. But, contemplating on this mantra inspired me to look beyond and deeper.

I realized that once we learn how to remove the labels that we attach at the end of all our “i am” statements… We experience a deep sense of gratitude, love and acceptance of who we really are! The question “who am i” might not instantly generate answers…. but the journey of exploration to go beyond all the labels, adjectives, interpretations as well as viewpoints of others that we attach at the end of ‘I AM……’ leads you to that door that leads you within your inner world — A door that opens to a different world — A world where you truly connect and meet YOU. And when you do that you unlock the doors for every kind of possibility!

I have always loved to think and reflect and make sense of what life offers me…… And in this process of thinking, i have grown wiser , learnt to be grateful and also learnt to believe in intentions and dreams and in the magical power of the Universe! Penning down my thoughts is another step for me to weave my experiences and reflections with words and in this process try to genuinely revel in the magic of the lessons that life and nature and the Universe teaches us!

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