Half Marathon Sub 2:15 Training — Week 6 (Workout 21–25)

As part of my on going series, I will be writing about my week 6 half marathon training. Last where I left, my knee was injured, I visited the doctor and he advised me to take a week’s break from running. As I told you earlier, Runkeeper has this awesome feature of being able to shift your training if you miss a weeks worth of runs due to unavoidable reasons. The previous week of rest was a bummer, I didn’t move from the sofa, I was a total slob. I could feel my knee getting better and was ready to take on the 6th week of my training or that’s what I thought. Read on further to know if I survived my 6th week without any injury.

Workout 21- Feb 28, 12x400

After a week’s break I was excited about this run even though I had to run several laps around my apartment, to finish this workout didn’t bother me much. This was my first interval training in this series and the break from the previous week in fact gave me a special energy to finish this run without much trouble. Also, this was the first time I wore my knee brace and it needed some getting used to. It definitely made a difference.

About the run itself, this was an interval training I was supposed to run my fastest pace at 6mins/km, I couldn’t attain that because of the previous week but I ran at a fairly comfortable pace. I covered around 9.3kms on this day.

(L-R) Route map; Knee Brace

Workout 22- Mar 1, 4.8 km

From week 6 onward, I’m supposed to run on Wednesday’s as well — yay! I have decided to run my 5k’s without music. I thought this would be boring, but it ended up being an exhilarating experience. It was fun because, I could hear the landing of my foot steps while I was running and I coordinated this with my breathing. I maintained a steady 7min/km pace throughout the run. Also, I didn’t have constant audio cues in the background and overall the weather in the evening is also more pleasant than morning .

Workout 23 - Mar 2, 4x1.6 km

At this point of my training, running around the apartment became a little monotonous. Even though I had a good pace going for me, I got a little tired of running around in circles almost to the point of fainting (I’m kidding!). There was one more young lad cycling around the apartment at a great speed. At one point, I decided, I didn’t want to risk anymore injuries and decided to stop. Nevertheless, I was happy with my workout for this week.

Workout 24 - Mar 4, 8 km

As I was running the evening before my long run, I decided to slow down my pace. I felt like bricks were tied to my legs while running. I had to rush somewhere so, I stopped midway through my workout. Actually, I also felt a little tired while running. I was listening to Hamilton (Broadway Musical) album while on the move. It has decent songs, few of them have a good rhythm for running as well.

Workout 25 – 19.5km (Missed)

I skipped this run because I was not well rested, slept for 3 hours and my stomach wasn’t feeling good, I didn’t want to take any chances and, hence skipped this one. I’m also generally nervous about long runs.

Notes to Self -
- Need to be well rested before long runs and not be afraid of them
- Time to change the playlist

P.S. In this post I have put the requirement of my run and how much I actually ran is depicted in the route map.

Keep Running!