How Fortnite become so popular?

Recently the official website of Epic Games has said that the Fortnite Battle Royale android has pulled in more than 23 million players up until now. This is great considering that the amusement has been out for under multi month..

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out since March 23 2018 and it has around 50 million downloads. In any case, PUBG is accessible on most Android gadgets and there is almost certainly that Fortnite will get up to speed with it.

The iOS adaptation of Fortnite had 11 million downloads in its first month, and it has made a great benefit for Epic Games. The Android adaptation could without much of a stretch get more than 100 million players once the amusement designer release it for each cutting edge gadget.

While it is too soon to make a prediction about the fate of Fortnite on Android, it won’t astound on the off chance that it turns into the most well known versatile game. All things considered, Epic Games is planning huge things for season 6, which could draw in a large number of new players. There are also many fortnite cheats which ultimately are increasing the popularity of the game. So we can say that the popularity of fortnite would be increasing anyhow.