Make your Own Collection on makeurworld.

Photos, Music & Videos are different ways of exchanging words, information & emotion with others. These all are powerful things in life which impact everyone somehow.

From capturing a moment or listening one of our favourite songs or watching viral content on any social networking site, we are using them all. They can help you de-stress, relax or even sometimes motivate.

I am sure you all will agree upon the importance of these all in our life. But how many of you all have ever try to make a collection of your photos, music & videos.

Some of you have might have their personal collection on their smartphone or PCs. But what if you want to have access to them wherever you go. I know there is some option for it, but I am talking about something else — social networking site. Where we spend our most of the time.

We all use social media site to consume content. It can be of any form. Out of these photo, music & videos are the most popular & powerful things to consume.

There is some site which has been capable of fulfilling one or two needs of the user. But somehow they lack dominance in all three resources. One important feature the major social media site lacks is provided with the user an option to make their own personal or public store where they can save their best photos, music & favourite videos besides of other things.

Do you know any site who does give user these options? Yes, I know one — MakeUrWorld.

Makeurworld is a social networking website which allows us to create our own collection of images, music, videos. We can create our collection by publishing content. It also provides us with a Viral section which contains all the viral published content by other users on MakeUrWorld which we can store to the collection or suggest and mark to our friend.