Decisions, decisions

Look at that red thing, chasing away a butterfly.

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I am doing this as part of a challenge I came across on the web -
A prompt to fire my imagination, each and every day for a year
The Editors,

12th April 2016 // Mumbai

Reasoning. The last time I gave my heart and soul to understanding what that is was during my high school math lesson.

I am more likely to make an important decision, by going with the gut.

Rewinding to my three most recent important decisions:

  1. To stay a year longer with the not-for-profit organization I have been working for.
  2. To leave Chennai without a sound.
  3. To settle for pursuing an engineering degree.

When I look at each one of these, I know I have done justice to the shape of my heart, if not anything else.

By definition, gut is an instinctive emotional response. As an individual, I am conditioned to be instinctive in choosing what makes me happy. Therefore, in one go, going by my gut might sound like a suddent act of uncertainty. The truth is that the choices I make inform happiness as an end result instead of the exact consequence. Works for me.

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