S/he Said

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

I am doing this as part of a challenge I came across on the web -
A prompt to fire my imagination, each and every day for a year
The Editors, WordPress.com

14th April 2016 // Mumbai

She Said Suits

(I paused and asked my room-mate what’s up. “Suits,” she says. Binge-watcher!)


Mom: What stopped you from telling us this earlier?

Conor: I was afraid.

Mom: Look what you’ve done Conor. Your bride’s dolled up for the most important day of your lives. Her life.

Conor: …

Mom: You are such an embarrassment! Jesus Christ, what are we going to tell the family? Conor! Say something.

Conor: That you should have chosen a suit instead of a dress for the wedding.

Mom: What the hell are you saying?

Conor: I love Oliver, Mom. I love him.