For those who let me

Choose kindness.
Choose dew-eyed good mornings
And Casablanca ‘Au Revoirs’
Tether to oaks in gale-force winds
Who give their branches,
When all you’re left with are laces and leaves.
Choose kindness.
Choose 2:32 am, over 8 hours sleep
Believe in those who trace on paper
New journeys that trail off
From the maps on your arms.
Choose kindness.
Choose innocent till proven guilty,
Think how serendipitously
One spark led to the Manhattan skyline.
Choose Kindness.
Even when she doesn’t choose you.
For the mornings when she won’t let you uncurl your toes
when she tells you to blame the moon for heavy tides
and tries to quench this endless thirst but leaves you overboard,
just salt and misshapen shoreline.
And still, after all this
Choose Kindness.
This coast may change by nightfall,
But in the morning, we try again.

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