“We should rather go to coffee shop!!” she insisted.

Well, they were meeting for the first time.

Hi!…. The conversation started online, he was unknown to her and she was unknown to this new world. Soon, they got used to each other, continuing to converse day and night. She loved this new company; he was like a dazzling light in her hazy life. Their fingers played scramble on the keyboard to find words to express their feelings. They never saw each other but she started to feel him everywhere. He always promised her to meet and she always waited for him at Mr. Perkin’s cafe. Days passed and every time she goes to the cafe in an expectation, that he will come. He always made new excuses for not being available for her. Crazy and depressed, she started to feel scared!!

Scared of losing him, scared of losing her happiness!!

Mother shouted aloud, “Disha come downstairs, look who’s come to meet you.” She came down with a hustle in a hope that HE would have come to meet her. She stared at him for a moment!

Hi Disha… Dr. Lobo said, the specialist at Schizophrenia. Upset, she quietly set aside for a doctor for her weekly check-up.

Yes, she shared a great bond, a great bond with her IMAGINARY world.

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