Sitting lonely on a garden bench, thinking about my teenage….

I was a free bird which could be caught inside a cage!!

Diverting from correct path is most common in this stage….

Some choose to be on right and some created path into a maze!!

Attraction and being hero was most common at those times…

Giving the name of love and passion was none other than a crime!!

One day attraction changes into lifelong affection…

And repulsion from parents followed the law of “equal and opposite reaction”!!

Sudden downfall in love made me feel weak and fallen into pains….

Cruel world and emptiness made me feel like entangled into chains!!

Frustrated I was and no one to understand me….

I was the only answer to my questions and I was only the lock and key!!

Once again I am lonely with no one around…

But this time, I met myself and I am no more to be bound!!