Start Enjoying Your Story!

Do you have frustration of your past decisions? Feeling guilty about what you have been through? Have regrets of not taking any decisions at right time or taking wrong decisions?

Well, everyone has the same feeling about their past. Not a single person in this world is feeling happy or satisfied with their past. We all are normal human beings or ‘mango people’ and we all feel the same regrets or guilt at any time. And frankly speaking, it’s normal to being normal.

Important things which need to keep in mind is, Firstly in this mind state is how you make yourself feel? Its right that we have regrets or guilt about something of past, but it is important that not to feel ashamed of that in present and lost yourself. If you will think about past deeds again and again then how can you build your present?

Second important thing is, It is normal to ask for a company or a shoulder-to-lied-down in this state of mind. But remember one thing that no one will ever give relief or peace if you are not feeling peace from inside. World will know you from how you treat yourself. So better be careful about how you portray yourself to others.

The last important thing is whatever happened to you in your past is just a phase which has gone already. The time where you were cheated or tricked or taken as granted is just gone and you already f**ked them up with your middle finger.! Then why you are still in the state of depression or feel loneliness? You already did a very good job in that time even, then why can’t you do your best in present?

Just pin a thing in your mind that it was, is and will be your life and the decisions you have taken are also because of your choice only. So stop being victim and be happy that its gone and you survived it very well.!!!!

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