Why Are You Unsuccessful At Your Work Or Life??

Yesterday was a brainstorming day was mine. The financial year 2015–16 is completed and the new year is here. As every year, our company has promoted someone, demoted someone! Some got the best appraisal, some got the worst!! I anyways like this whole process as it shows me the mirror of myself, where I have stand in last year and where I need to improve in next year!!

Why are you unsuccessful in your professional life or personal life.. Here I am sharing the reasons of that thing, which I have found from yesterday’s new financial year’s meeting.

The challenges I am sharing here, are the things we all whether we are employees or entrepreneurs, we have faced them at any stage!!

Challenge — 1 Self -Realisation

Often we think, we are doing the best we can do. We are the only ones who is doing all the stuffs and even in this process, if we are making some minor mistakes then even we can’t see this!! This is not the case with any particular person. This happens with everyone. We can’t see our mistakes. We all are normal human beings and so we often lack of self-realisation!!

Challenge — 2 Acceptance!

It is okay if we lack in self-realisation but it is not okay, if we can’t accept our weaknesses even after someone is showing our mistake.

Challenge — 3 Accpeting But Not Taking Action!

The third most challenging thing is, if someone is showing our weakness then we do accept for that also. But then? Then what? We just sit down and do continue with our thing. To make something better, to get something unudual, you have to do something different and unusual. You have to accept tgr flaws ans take proper steps not to repeat your mistakes!

Challenge — 4 Easily Give Up

Yes, I have accepted my flaws.. I have taken some important steps too to overcome that weaknesses! But, we givr up. Easily!! We couldn’t carry thr changea for long time. We ccouldn’t make that change as a new habit!!

_ _ _ _ _

People who are not successful in their personal life or professional life, these are the reasons why they are unsuccessful!

If you want to achieve something big, you need to accept your flaws, take proper actions towards the goal and be consistent to it!! Remember, Life don’t give second chance to everyone!

Now, it is the best time to evaluate yourself to make your best future!!

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