7 Things You Must Know About Google Pixel

It has been over a month since Google’s flagship offerings — Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL reached us. According to Morgan Stanley Google will sell around 5–6 million Pixels next year. It expects Pixel to earn $ 3.8 billion in revenue for Google in year 2017. Google came up with the following advertisement to showcase its pride and joy. Don’t miss the bit about the headphone jack here. Google definitely is not shying from taking potshots at iPhone7.

As far as the sales go, they are meeting the expectations of analysts. In case you are still undecided, you can go through some of the facts about Google Pixel that we have gathered.

#1 Google Centric Experience

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, both offer Google centric experience. All of the Google services are integrated as applications. Not to forget Android’s new Google Assistant which many claim is better than Siri. Google Assistant they say, is able to understand the contexts better. Pixel is the first phone with Google Assistant built in. Touch and hold the ‘Home’ button or say “Ok Google” to activate it. It helps you with a lot of searches and can also take you directly to the notification screen of any app you want to go to.

#2 Look and Feel

Google Pixel has a metal finish with finger print and smudge resistant oleophobic coating, which looks and feels pretty good. It is sturdy with the ability to perform at the lightest of taps of your fingers. The Glass on the back features Pixel Imprint, Google’s fingerprint sensor. Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are very similar; the only difference is in their size and weight (and battery power). Google Pixel has 5 inch 1920 x 1080, 441 ppi display where as Google Pixel XL has 5.5 inch 2560 x 1440, 534 ppi display with full HD resolution. Google Pixel weighs 143 gms and Google Pixel XL weighs 168 gms.

#3 The Qualcomm Snapdragon Core

Both Pixel and Pixel XL are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which provides them with cutting edge processing power. Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem is integrated in the design to support high speed data exchanges. It helps you access your content stored in the clouds almost instantaneously. The modem enables the phone to use EVS Codec –the Ultra HD voice for phone calls. The Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec provides high resolution playback. The Fluence Pro technology delivers crystal clear calls using several innovative noise cancelling technologies.

#4 Camera

The Google HDR+ camera algorithm is the best feature of Pixel cameras. It runs on Snapdrogon HVX core instead of the CPU. Its smart computing power reduces power consumption and improves performance. It has DxOMark Mobile score of 89, for reference iPhone7 scores 86 here.

Both the Pixel phones have 8 MP front camera with f/2.4 aperture, 1.4 µm pixels and full HD video capture (30 fps). Users vouch for impressive selfies. In low light you would do better to enable HDR+ in Auto mode. The 12.3 MP rear camera has f/2.0 aperture, 1.55 µm big pixels. It takes stunning and detailed pictures quickly even in low lights. Users can capture slo-mo videos at 240fps. Auto HDR+ mode keeps the details sharp and colors bright. And yes there is unlimited storage space available for your photos and videos.

Pixel supports VR functionality. It provides immersive experience with Google Daydream View without killing your battery quickly with the help of Snapdragon 821.

#5 Battery

Google Pixel carries non removable 2,770 mAh battery and Google Pixel XL has non removable 3,450 mAh battery unit. Batteries are fast charging. With a 15 minutes charging you get 7 hours of use. To charge plug it into a wall outlet. If you charge it from a laptop, the phone will not be charged as fast. You can use your phone while charging, but avoid it if you can as it slows down the charging process. Full charge of a 2,770 mAh battery will give you 3G talk time of upto 26 hours or 13 hours of video watching.

#6 Better Security, Strong Data Protection

Pixel phones run on Android Nougat which has an increased focus on security with file based encryption system using ext4 technology. Both Pixel XL and Pixel are encrypted by default for strong data protection. TrustZone software protects the processor and device encrypted data. TrustZone also enforces waiting period at user login which incrementally gets longer after every sequence of wrong guesses. With Pixel’s 1624 valid four point patterns and TrustZone’s waiting period, trying all combinations would take more than 4 years which makes Pixel a very safe smartphone. A major plus point which secures majority of users who keep their PIN, password and pattern simple and short.

#7 Easy To Switch To A Pixel

Google has made switching to Pixel extremely easy. It provides you with Quick Switch Adaptor. You need to connect your old phone to Pixel with this Adaptor. If you are switching from an iPhone you would need to make a Google account. If you are switching from an Android phone Pixel would sign you in automatically into your Google Account. Once you have signed into your account you can move all your contacts, photos, videos, music, messages into Pixel. Third party data however doesn’t get transferred automatically. Pixel phones can be used on any cellular network.

#Wrapping up

According to experts, it is the best smartphone crafted by Google. It is tempting iPhone fans too with its features. Most of the photographers and Geeks in the world are drooling over its camera and the its super smart Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.


Here are some other specifications you might be interested in. It is very easy to feel comfortable in Google Pixel ecosystem. If you have any difficulty while transitioning or adapting to it, a series of videos is here to help you. You can customize your Pixel phone and download your favourite mobile apps. There are several companies which design and develop very interesting and useful apps. We are one of the leaders in app development landscape. And that is all I have from my desk for now. Until next time, Adios.

Originally published at www.openxcell.com on December 6, 2016.

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