We are living in unprecedented times. With the onset of the pandemic, it has become absolutely difficult to leave worries aside and deal with the ebbs and troughs of life.

Holding on to positive thoughts is becoming an everyday challenge. The widespread negative news has only added to the thoughts of what is wrong with the world around us.


Gratitude simply implies appreciating and being thankful.

It can hugely contribute to our mental wellness and help us stay optimistic. To endure mental strength one should be grateful for the things we have.


Are Employee Wellness Programs needed?

Stress and anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, unfocused, or cause trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. It can not only cause physical and mental problems but also emotional, cognitive, and behavioral implications.

Fast-paced lives and ever-increasing competition puts the employees under a great deal of pressure. The problem gets compounded by the lack of good health and wellness programs at the workplace.

Is the Lack of Wellness Programs for Employees Alarming?

Research shows a direct correlation between mental & physical well-being.

1. A variety of reasons are responsible for low workplace morale and…

Teen depression or depression in teenagers is very much on the rise. India is leading the world in teen depression. And yet, most of us are still ignoring it and consider it a taboo.

The problem at hand is very serious as every 1 out of 4 teenagers in India is suffering from depression, according to a leading news source. About 1 student or teenager in India commits suicide every hour.

Over 40,000 teenagers committed suicide in the last 5 years in India and more than 8000 students committed suicide in India in the last year.

The gravity of the…

Women breaking down in tears on small things, can be a reason that something is eating them from inside. We understand it is difficult to identify someone's mental health but it's not impossible. We can't try to talk to them and find out exactly Wharton troubling them.Women are biologically designed to experience more emotions than men. Sometimes they become “too much” to handle. This can be due to multiple factors. Never feel alone in your struggles with depression. Find out the causes and symptoms here. They find it difficult to explain, what they are going through.

Around 9.5% of women…

Mental Health in India

According to WHO, mental disorders specifically depression has steeply escalated by 18% from 2005 -2015.

In a developing country like India, mental health is of utmost importance since every nook and cranny of the corporate sectors brews mental trauma.

It is believed that without mental health, a person can never achieve the ultimate ring of true health (both physically and spiritually).

3 Facts related to Mental Health in India:

1. Mental health is very common. According to WHO reports (1990-2017), approximately one in every seven person in India suffers from mental disorders.

2. Mental health is…

Independent women quotes can be a great source of motivation and inspiration for not just women, but everyone.

Being independent and self-confident are a few personality traits admired by all. Women are striving. Womanhood is evolving. Their courage and dedication towards every field is commendable. They are warriors and can do anything to everything.

Women, today, are excelling in various fields. Successful and strong women are not only an inspiration for all other independent women but also contribute towards women empowerment and upliftment.

Let us learn about some of the most powerful women who have always been empowering others around…

In this blog, we will learn What is meditation?

How to meditate at home & simple ways to meditate with steps to meditate for beginners.

What are the psychological benefits of meditation?

Meditation or mindfulness has gained a lot of attention due to multiple reasons. It is very important to control your thoughts, and meditation helps you relieve stress to a large extent.

Learning to meditate correctly is very important. We often come across this question: How to meditate at home OR Is there any meditation guide that I can follow OR What is Meditation?

The idea of meditation is…

Hobbies can play a vital role in dealing with stress as it has become a part of our lives in one way or another.

Here is an amazing hobby list that can spark your life with fun.

And you’ll definitely have fun pursuing them. I’ve handpicked the following Hobbies list just for YOU.

Well, don’t worry it is a great way of learning a new perspective and you’ll learn a lot by doing experiments with your camera.

Seeing the world through the lens will amaze you to a great extent. …

Good Lives hosted yet another wholesome discussion with a famous name in the corporate world, Vishal Thakur, Associate Vice President, HR, TATA Capital. He is the HR Generalist and OD specialist with 15 years of experience in Strategic HR and Business roles with expertise in Employee Wellness, and Business Excellence. He is currently heading multiple portfolios of talent management, performance management, rewards and recognition, and field force management for Tata Capital Financial Services.

Along with everything else, Mr. Thakur published a number of articles as well that are mostly in Hindi and in English. What adds to his charismatic personality…

While there’s no doubt that the pandemic has hit the corporates in unthinkable ways, we cannot deny the role played by the HR departments in structuring and tackling the situation using favorable strategies.

We have interviewed Mr. Khalid Raza – Associate Director – Talent Acquisition EY, someone who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and is the First Indian to be named on the list of 25 HR Executive under 40 by Workforce Magazine!

In his tenure with IBM, he has worked closely with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and the National Liberation Army (ELN)’s ex-fighters to support…


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