Perspectives – Note Two!

She read a wonderful story that night. It was written by a famous author of her age. “What life has given me more or less than her?” she wondered. She sat down to dream of that moment – “If at all I had spoken out my heart to my mom” – she took a deep breath and hit the bed. “Feels like I have wasted all my life earning money,” she whispered to herself. As a tear dropped down, she wiped it and shut her eyes tight.

Don’t most of us get that question in mind – “Have I wasted all my life earning money?” Some accept, some don’t. That’s different. But when you look at someone doing what your heart aspires, you tend to feel your heart beat. It beats fast. Faster than usual with all happiness for that person who is doing what you couldn’t and minutes later, it all vanishes and you start blaming yourself for the life you’re currently leading.

For some, money is a need and for few others, money is pride mixed with responsibilities and for few more, its a quench to their parents’ dream and for the left out few, it is craze and greed. To see from outside, you would assume being the best architect of every other person’s life. I repeat, just assume.

When you go to a needy, shouldered with responsibilities, saving each paisa he earns so carefully, planning for the generations to follow him and tell, “you’ve earned enough for your living, now start pursuing your art that you love and are good at.” He would definitely be happy for the recognition he has got from you, but burry it deep inside, nod his head and gear up to his office an hour before to really think and earn minutes of peace in his life that is lacking hard.

When you go to a greedy and post the same question, she knows she is at the right job for what she had studied. She knows how many bundles of money her father pooled in for her. She knows how hard it is to start her career from the scratch in a new domain, leaving all the established respect and money that she’s currently receiving. She also knows that she is no more with her parents to demand anything more in life. She wouldn’t dare to accept this change in profession and life so easily.

Keeping away all the normal people, consider the author and the artist who contributed for the book’s colourful pictures. While the artist came from an art background with her grandfather being an well established artist of early ages, on the other hand the author released her first book striving in hunger for weeks together, facing all the rejections by various publishers.

Did you notice something? I said the artist’s grandfather in my previous lines, not father. Her father knew what it is to be an artist’s son and how difficult life will be. Though he was encouraged in arts, he chose to earn. But the artist beyond warning broke the cage and let her heart roam the beautiful world and her hand capture the same.

Perspectives differ. Differ on how people look at life, how others’ look at your life and how you look at their’s. “When your heart aspires, break the cage,” they may say. “Why waste life on all these? What would you save for your kids?” they may argue. But just check if they have lived by their words and you wouldn’t regret the life you choose. Live the way you want to, not the way others want you to. Enough of public drama. There are more surprises life wants to throw at you and there is something called contentment which a man can never really feel but the sad part is that he never tries to either…