Reimagine the magic !

Our lifestyles has been shaped by four technical forces : automation, simulation, digitalisation and rich reality. Certainly Ignite encapsulates all these emerging forces. Ignite is reimagining itself to prosper in the digital universe.

A couple of weeks before I got a great opportunity to be a spectator of a magic show at Ignite named “Product fair” where all the Products were showcased. It was just a few seconds magic, and the magicians held the audience spellbound, with every second giving an experience of being thrilled, being mesmerised, being hypnotised, to being magical.

The manner in which technologists articulate it, innovate it, person of every nature will have to redefine themselves — re-imagine — to benefit from the digital future.On the other side each magician was creatively narrating the innovative solutions to tackle challenges in skilled India.

Edges are for cutting

The first product demoed was the Velu the welder — Worlds first arc welding simulator for enhancing welding skill. When I entered the room I saw glittering awards and proud certificates in the background which captivated my attention. Certainly the pioneers of “Velu the welder” developed path breaking innovations in the field of welding which was a gateway for “People’s Choice” award at NSF, USA. This is an advancement in innovation and visualisation which enhances effective learning especially in the field of skill training.

Velu the welder

This application is being used to train millions of aspirant welders in a cost efficient way. The application introduces aspirants to arc, mig and tig welding. After working on Velu, I believe that I too can learn and be an expert in this field. At the beginning I learnt hand coordination and movement and later I was exposed to joining four metal pieces together to build a frame. Every spark tells you the story of the struggle for “Velu” and every spark takes you into the lives of the characters who have given their soul for the success of Velu. Awards are often understatements, this product affects the life of millions and continue to do so.

Weaving dreams for a brighter future

Weavers using Weave application

“Small things start us in new ways of thinking”. A small motif in my saree often leads me to ponder how weavers do it so efficiently. The “ Weave” application helped me answer all my questions and let me understand the ground truth about the skilled weavers in India. India is a country where weaving is not just a profession but also a culture and tradition which is at present carried out by 43 lakhs of weavers. They often struggle for their identity in global market. Thus weave application not only helps weavers to expand their market globally but even help the customer to put their creativity on paper which can be traced out as beautiful prints by weavers. This is now possible only because of the revolutionary jacquard card printer designed at Ignite. This reminds me of a very famous quote that says, “we do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”

Immersing in immersive learning

Forwarding the motto iLearn, the Inducers of the Team just waved a magic wand and an application named “Darpan” started interacting with me. Reminding of my school days when i was learning phonic sounds. I just placed a piece of paper where an alphabet was printed, in front of the application, which asked me to identify the beginning letter of a word. Within fractions of second the magic happened and the same piece of paper was reflected on the screen. The harmony of virtual world with the real world gives children an environment for self learning. It ignites a fire, a desire to learn, and gives them the ability to express themselves in meaningful ways.

Kids playing ‘Darpan’ application

Ignite defines this Magic as being in the learning experience, practicing things, making decisions, leading a team, operating activities, getting feedback, improving, again learning.

There were several other magic shows as well, so take your pick and bask in the magic of this magical journey, that is Ignite.