Fluff your hair through.

Since the last few days I’ve been looking for a good conditioner that fits my budget, and my budget happens to be above the average price that exists in the market.

After rummaging through a bunch of products, I finally chanced on a product that looked natural. racing against time, I bought the one that seemed natural and different Excited, I just bought a brand new Organic Harvest conditioner. But now that I was really reading what’s written on the back and observing the packaging, please see the real deal :

1.The space between my fingers is empty — classic packaging because the tube is very big & it’s only now I realize that the bit is empty. Hence, 1/3rd of the tube is empty. I thought this would run through 4–5 months, but alas.

2. Ecocert ingredient - Only 1 ingredient out of the plethora in there is ecocert.

3. Organic Harvest - The brand is not all organic. The statement it states is combining the power of plants with organic & natural ingredients (as if plant is not natural)

4. Actives - The whole conditioner has only 1 natural ingredient: beetroot. Maybe 2 claiming that corn starch is natural.

5. Quality - I used the product and it didn’t give me the kind of texture for my hair that I was expecting from a natural, organic, ecocert & a pricey product. I felt my hair wasn’t fed enough with the power packed nutrients.

Marketing is great, I love products that tell a story, are part of a family, but I was expecting better from Organic Harvest and perhaps better from my choice.

So in a nutshell I bought this for 545rs, ( as much as you would pay for a L’Oréal up level conditioner ) but I believe I just got fooled.