Thrillist vs. the Usual.

Would you prefer a thrillist who is full of passion, zest and so many ideas plus a do-er to a complacent, go by the book yet sturdy candidate?

A thrillist candidate is a ball of energy and can invigorate the entire organization, which is brilliant, but what this thrillist works on is some undefined passion, passion perhaps that a job gives, such as travel or such as new learning or perhaps a work that completely uses all of his/ her skill set.

So an organization that hopes to keep a thrillist- a thrillist, should be able to assess the needs of this person well, the underlying cause for the thrill, and how to keep fueling this fire.

Innovative companies are able to do this best, because they have a culture that fosters “entrepreneurs”, culture where ideas can be discussed and done, a more so flat organization, that's why the creative economy thrives here, in the fun yet serious companies.

So make a culture, where you know the skill set of your employees, recognize it, use it, so that you doesn’t bore them but you grow them. I’d say having a thrillist employee award wouldn’t hurt either or an in-house ideation group can have some fun conversation too ☺