Voila! we found it, yes, we found the vaccine for the most contagious disease of all times!

Don’t confuse it with COVID-19, I am talking about the contagious disease that is on planet earth ever since the inception of the human race- Emotional Contagion!

In the previous blogs, we discussed that we go through an emotional sift unconsciously by the emotions of people surrounding us, how brands capitalize on it and organizations run on it. Now I’ll share the secret ingredients of the vaccine that’ll give you the upper hand in the long-standing war against emotions.

1. Talk it out

The first step of the win over emotions is acknowledging them. We, humans, love distractions. Going through heartbreak, play Friends on TV and get the Ben & Jerry’s tub, the boss yelled at you, you trash talk about him at the lunch table. Confronting emotions aren’t our forte but once acknowledged, half the battle is won there. The next steps would come naturally to you.

2. Set Energy boundaries

Create an inner circle of positivity around you. The plants and Buddha at your desktop, your childhood memories on the wall or just your favourite music and a comfy couch to lean on. All of these bring good energies and help you stabilize your raging emotions.

3. Yoga and Meditation

As cliché as it sounds, for more than 1000 years yoga and meditation have helped humans put a leash on their emotions. I am not talking about the ability to lock your feet behind your neck, just asking for 20 mins of your daily schedule to unwind and get rid of all material distractions. Look within, Introspect, things would be crystal clear, I bet.

4. Coping Model

Learn lessons from experiences and create a coping mechanism for different emotions. These models can not only help future you to react well but also people who look up to you when you are in a power position. Open YouTube and you’ll see 1000s of videos on how to cope with anger, anxiety, break-ups etc, all of these are nothing but coping models for you to follow.

5. Lead the Change

You don’t have to be the boss of the company to keep a check on negativity at the floor. People are cognizant of the fact that how emotions can make or break teams. The moment you detect smoke of negativity, talk to the person, involve HR, set base for the team and most importantly, don’t let it impact you.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the module for becoming the Buddha at your workplace and home. Add these practices to your daily routine and you’ll be surprised with the level of command you’ll have over your emotions and emotions of others that impact you. Cheers!!