Mumbai a city with dim light duplicity…


A stick which looks bent and feels straight cannot really be both” that we are able to recognize the “sensory” conflict in the first place. I learnt so far that Whether British administration believes corruption as ‘custom’ and Indian system considers corruption as an evil issue and an outcome of democracy that must be fought. It seems India is fighting since it’s independence in 1947 to be the corruption free country and the British administration on the name of corruption ‘custom’ does not even has to pay more attention.

The momentum of 2011's hunger strike by anti-corruption campaigner Kisan Anna Hazare currently sees India’s parliament wrestling with the formation of a national corruption ombudsman. Hazare’s campaign rests upon the proposition that the democratic ideals with which the Indian state was formed in 1947 are all too often subverted by the self-interest of people servants. This process has two effects. First, corruption allows wealthier citizens to access resources and preferential state treatment to which they are not entitled. Second, corruption constitutes a drain on the coffee of many ordinary Indians in the form of bribes by state functionaries, without which their services cannot necessarily be produced. Do these facts work in the society or people conceder it to be rationally correct.

Merely shouting from the house tops that everybody is corrupt creates an atmosphere of corruption. People feel they are in climate of corruption and they get corrupted themselves. The words of Jawaharlal Nehru, spoken shortly after India’s independence from British rule, seems particularly apt given the overtly Gandhian style of today’s anti-corruption activists. Before. Proceeding towards corruption in India it is important to recall the past and the popularity of the term these days.

The common man was struggling for his. day earnings the industrialists were struggling to make more money, the politicians were struggling among themselves for so called development of the country thus India showed it’s democratic power and a new political party ‘Aam Admi Party’ has emerged with the new manifestoes of creating change and development though does not seem much has happened.

The country with more than 80 political parties with six National political parties and there are 24 which are still not recognised in the parliamentary system but it is not so far that these parties will also have there representatives sitting in the assembly and accusing each other to benefit the Janata (people).

Yet the question arises that if corruption is creating an unhealthy environment in the country?. In a recent conversation with Mindguass Keligbus a tourist from Lithuania said “I heard there is a lot of corruption in India, people bribing and not doing their work because they need more money or favor in doing their duties” I was little upset however in my few last visits to India in Southern part I felt if you bribe someone your work is done. I wanted to visit Nagaland and I was told that it is difficult to visit their since the area is occupied by some rebellious underprivileged tribes and it is not safe, however after my journey to Assam I checked with one of the tourist guides he asked me three times more money than it was actual coasting and that benefited me to discover the place the way I wanted. So I think it is not bad. If he has a resource then it’s ok he charges extra and manages his livelihood. However when asked if the situation is same in Lithuania his eyes rolled with fear and said “I just wish this does not happen in my country ever”.

London Based Indian entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah believes that corruption in India is rational since he had got his Driving license without any hustle of standing in long que just by paying few bucks to an agent. According to him corruption is not that big issue in India it’s just the people who are making it big. My problem was solved just by meeting with the agent and paying him directly.

An another side of misconduct in the country, 32 years old Sunil Danti working in Indian Railways as a Ticket Checker has three charges of corruption where in he has been accused of charging extra for the seat which is anyways vacant. When asked, Sunil said “it is hard to run the family and live a desired life with the salary I get and there is nothing wrong I am helping people to get the seat.”

“Few days back a small ride on a two wheeler made me so proud on myself, I was with my friend and we did not wear helmet and my friend did not have driver’s license too, we were stopped by a traffic police and he was about to impose penalty of 700 Rs but we saved that money as I said I run an NGO I have my links with higher officials.” it was so good I work and I should have that privilege to flaunt I just paid him 300 Rs, though I understand that wearing helmet while driving is important” said Minakshi Kamble 36.

2016 overwhelming drought in Marathwada a small village in Maharashtra gave another picture of corruption in the country where people do not have water for their daily necessities due to water crisis but to vend.

This manipulation made vital presence when a 24 years Brandon Pareira from Qatar has recently came to visit his relatives in Bombay and paid a visit to Latur a city in Marathwada where he noticed that the water is getting sold by Mafias. “I have never seen this before that enough water is not getting supplied by Government hence locals are. paying extra money” I was curious to know because this was new to me, I checked with one of the water tanker drivers and got to know that the water is charged two rupees or three rupees extra on the tanker and they also have contracts with the pond owners in local areas.” he added. Isn’t it contradicting that where ponds and rivers and nallas have been dried up but the ponds to these mafias are filled with enough of water to supply in black”. Brandon questioned with surprise.

Chandan 22, a Pani Puri wala (type of Indian street snacks with juice in a flour cup) in Mumbai is hailing from a small village of Uttar Pradesh. His extended family includes parents, two younger sisters and. a younger brother of 16 years and a wife. Chandan lives in Mumbai alone in a small sized room in the slum area of Kandivali from past three years. His everyday work involves continuous standing of more than eight hours with his highly filled thela (a four wheeler open trolley) which gives him earning of 400 to 500 apart from his production coast. His earned money is not sufficient for his family back in UP but he has to pay the Police comes every week asking for money and if he denies he would not be able to stand for his earnings ever. “Why you give him the money, it’s wrong, they are corrupt” I roared. “if I will not give him the money he will not allow me to stand here and I will be idle” I have to look after my family which I see once in a year back in UP” I refused once and he took me to the police station and bit me so hard that I could not work for 5 days, so it is better to not to argue with them.” said Chandan with his casual tone.

To many it seems that getting the work done is easy if you have power and money on the other hand people who are deprived the use of money is not to sort their affairs but to have their livelihood. Corruption seems more rational if the resources are faithful and available at the coast of power and money but corruption is an evil to those. who are. still struggling with the life everyday after being part of the country Wherein an industrialist flaunts the money at a stardust shows and doctors attending the conferences abroad.

I wrote this out of my understanding through various conversations and observations at different occasions, though the words have been formalised to give it a public platform.