Blogging & Education: The Connection

Blogs are traditionally used to share information, thoughts, and ideas of a person. But if you see from a different perspective, it carries a huge role in the educational sector. The amount of elaborative content and information you can present on a blog, cannot be delivered over any other medium. Yes, I just mentioned ‘Elaborative content’. Today, a large number institutions has adapted blogging to educate their students, and even the teachers have their specific blogs. This has helped teachers to appraise their student’s knowledge and understanding, and directly take their opinion on it. Not only this, students have their own blogs to help their fellow classmates, which also helps them in strengthening their relationship.

A blog helps teachers analyze and monitor the development of their students in an effective manner. As soon as they publish a research topic, students read it and find a major piece of information that were deficient of. Blogs help in stimulating the awareness of a student and helps teachers judge their student’s mental abilities. This helps teachers take the students to the right track, and the gap between their teaching and learning is bridged.

Nowadays, students seek for social interaction where they can include the other students too, and learn within a comfortable atmosphere. A blog works as an effective tool in preserving both learning and socializing, and also helps the student practice certain skills. It works as an effective medium of communication between the teacher, the students, and their parents, and parents can see what their kids are learning in the classroom. Meanwhile, any material enclosing the blogs can be easily found in search engines so that other institutions can find relevant information on the web.

Concepts of using blogs for studies

Even if used for educational purpose, a blog can be written with multiple topics or any individual subject. For instance, you can write about your thoughts and reflections and pour your inner feelings, and share them with your teachers and friends. Or you can post your research or any how-to topics to help your fellow classmates. Students generally find positive solutions from such topics as they are very favorable indeed. You can also post practical works which your fellow classmates find difficult to accomplish. Meanwhile, you can add photos, videos, or any other media content in it.

The research and theory topics include a detailed analysis of a subject containing exclusive information. This includes an in-depth idea of the subject and can help students complete their ongoing or future assignments. On the other hand, you can post news topics which will help your fellow mates stay updated with the current affairs and day to day happenings around. News blogs are read by global audiences and readers prefer bookmarking them to read the next day again.

Review blogs include a detailed analysis of a particular product, helping others to obtain an idea about it before trying it. For example, if you post a review about your college excursion to the Science museum, then you can write about it in detail so that your fellow classmates can learn about that place and experience virtually. This will provide others a richer vision of the subject.

Creating a blog for education

Platforms like Edublogs offer a wide range of functionalities to teachers and students. It is a WordPress powered platform which is mobile friendly and offers you privacy options to keep your content safe. Edublogs is specifically designed for teachers so that they can share their knowledge with students. Till now, a large community of teachers and students have adopted this platform to serve each other’s necessities. Edublogs blogs are student safe as its content is filtered. Moreover, it offers a number of tools and plugins such as tables, maps, etc.

Another platform is CampusPress which is also developed to meet educational requirements. Whether you are a teacher or a student or any member of the institution, CampusPress is built for you. This platform helps you create portfolios, projects, and any other educational stuff.

Blogging not only helps you share certain information, but it also improves your writing skills. In fact, it can build a huge community of teachers and students and help them connect to each other with the medium of content. So if this method is adopted by the state’s institutions, it can become a primary mode to deliver knowledge in a fruitful manner.

** Originally published in the Assam Tribune

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