Little Known Dissimilarities Between a Blog and an Article

With whatever motive you start a website or blog, eventually, you’d require good content in it. Without content writing, your website would be meaningless and worthless, because people visit a website to learn more about your product. So whatever blog or article you offer, they should provide a good piece of information through it. Ok, now are you confused between a blog and an article? Obviously, because both provide information, but are slightly different from each other.

So in this post, I am going to state the difference between an article and a blog. Most readers have asked me about their differences, so this post is a form of an answer to them.

What is an Article?

An article is a well-researched topic that includes a detailed information about the subject. They are expected to be longer and should be relevant to the website where it is supposed to be published. Articles are mainly written in a formal language and delivered in a professional tone. They are usually written between 1000 to 3000 words or even more. Articles are based on facts and research and contain the significance of the topic.

What is a Blog?

Blogs are informal compared to articles and they can be shorter or even longer. For instance, you can write a blog post of 300 words to 2000 words, or even more. Blogs can be written on any topic and can be written without any detailed research. They are written in various formats such as How-to format, list format, question format, tips and tutorial format, and much more. They are more casually written mainly to connect with readers and provide a personal point of view. Blogs are more frequently published compared to articles.

Which would be better to write?

Whether you write a blog or an article, it should deliver the right and detailed ideas to the reader. It should be neat, topic-specific, and provide accurate information to your readers so that they find it valuable. The content should provide high-quality information so that readers find it useful.

Meanwhile, if you prefer writing short pieces of information on a certain topic, then you can post it as a blog. But make sure, that short piece covers the entire detail of the subject. In the case of an article, you’d require performing a bit research on the subject with the right pitch of sentences and construction. Since articles are much formal in nature, you need to write it in a professional tone and impeccable English.

The standard of articles is much greater than a blog. Articles are mainly written by professional writers who are much skilled and knowledgeable with English. When you read the newspapers or monthly magazines, you will find them compiled with a series of professionally written articles. This is because newspapers and magazines do not support blog posts due to their informal nature.

So if you decide on writing an article, you should provide quality information. Avoid repetitions and fillers, as your readers hate them. If you come up with a fluffy content, your readers will recognize the standard of writer you are because they aren’t be getting any quality information from it.


Whether you are a blog writer or an article writer, you should first understand the basic differences between the both. If you have good command over English and the confidence to structure great sentences, then you can attempt on article writing. But make sure your research is good and well analyzed. And if you are just starting or love writing casually with your own terms and conditions, then blogs are a great medium to present your opinion.

Therefore, if you are aiming to be a professional writer, then you should start writing articles because the publication agencies choose great articles and not blogs. But whatever you begin with, it always starts with the trial and error process, which will gradually give you a better understanding of the subject.