Angular, Bootstrap, and Laravel: Three Open Source Projects that Interest Me

I want to contribute to Open Source projects that would help me improve my skills as a full stack web developer, and so I’m mostly interested in web technologies.

This includes projects that use JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, or even PHP. Since I have used Angular, Bootstrap, and Laravel before, I thought it would be quite interesting to get to know these three projects better.

Here are the links to these projects on GitHub:

Let’s look into each of these projects more, starting with Angular.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


Angular, as most of us know, is a framework widely used and popular in the web development world. It is focused on being cross platform, while not compromising speed and performance (see: for more about Angular’s awesome features).

Some of the tags Angular uses on its GitHub page include TypeScript, JavaScript, and web framework. There are more than 2200 issues currently open, and therefore there is a lot of scope to find issues that would be a good fit for beginners. Also, I have used and loved Angular for the past two years, so I am really interested in this project.

Some important links for Angular are and The first link is it’s github repo, and the second is it’s official website. The official documentation located on it’s website is really helpful for beginners and also has some sample code that help to learn it quickly.


With more than 260 open issues, Bootstrap also shows to be quite promising as a project for finding bugs that a beginner can work with and learn from. Some of these bugs include documentation, and some are CSS features. I have a feeling that I will find something great to work with here.

Bootstrap’s issues are located at It’s website is and has information to help users get started. I find these two links to be extremely useful for Bootstrap. Like Angular, a lot of important links can be reached using these two pages.


Laravel is another Open Source project that I am interested in. I have taken a course that used Laravel, but unlike Angular and Bootstrap I have never used it outside of a classroom setting. I wanted to take this opportunity to get back at learning Laravel and getting to understand it better. is the GitHub page for Laravel, and is the contributing page. These are two useful links to get started with Laravel. What’s interesting about Laravel is that it’s GitHub page does not have Issues listed, and instead the Issues board is located at I hope to find some good first bugs to work with in this project since currently there are 490 open issues present.

Another interesting link for Laravel is

— happy coding!