Overcoming the dEVILS!!

Recently i came across that there are 4 yugas widely accepted in Hinduism 
1) Satya Yug — Where the fight was between 2 worlds.
2) Treta Yug ( Ramayana) — Where the Fight was between 2 rulers from different countries
3) Dwapara yug ( Mahabharata) — Where the fight was in the same family.
4) Kal yug(Present) — where the fight is with us!! Our own self!!
Our own self where the good and the evil reside
Notice how after every yug the fight has narrowed itself and boiled down to such a stage that we as individuals are at stake.
The 5 vowels our Life Revolves our these basic things which ultimately helps you emotionally connect to your inner self and in turn the society!
1) Appreciate — A quality Neglected
People are so engrossed in their own lives that they hardly can do is to “Like” a status/photo. Appreciation for the good work depicts our genuineness and in turn spread a positive feeling!
2) Empathize — A quality we Lack
People normally (sympathize) = “Retweeting..”.and a handful of them “empathize”. It’s the most needed quality in today’s world..The water problem in vidharbha,..or the daily train accidents unless we don’t step in the shoes of the masses we would never be able to give back to the society.
3)Inspire– A quality we just self induce
Great innovations are made by imagination and imagination needs fueling of inspiration to give a shape and heart.. Inspiring people would not bleak your chances but in turn they would consider you as their role model!
4)Original — A quality which we “feel” we “ have” 
We all have split personalities…but Cant agree more to jabong’s tag line “ BE YOU”
5)Understand- A quality we pretend
Lastly Understanding the true you!! Your inner voice..The good is not a momentary thing it’s a cumulative of a series of things acted and reacted by you. Probably it may be your daily routine,,,helping someone,, making a difference in others life!!

Think..Identify…Fight..Win over your dEVIL!!

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