The “Dark Dame” Rises!

Recently i was on a road trip to karnataka…it was around 10 35 pm, roughly around 13 -14 degress and “raat kali ek khwaboon me ayii” playing in background , A pournima(full moon) day so we had the moon light accompanying us all through the journey.

Our driver stop admist a secluded road where the frequency of vehicles is on an average 15 min. he reported that the tyre was punctured and we had to get down. thankfully he had an stepni(spare tyre of a four wheeler) and started fixing it by the time we stood on that secluded road. Both the sides had vast lands having slight or no vegetation and had no petrol pump for the next 30 odd kilometres.

He finished his work in a mere 15 min and we were on our journey again. within the next 10 min he again stopped the car.. we hoping that it wasn’t a puncture again but our suspicion turned true. By now we realized that we were in a fix and had to find a solution.

We had no idea what to do! Either we push the car for the next 20 odd kilometres( next to impossible) or stay in the car for the night! we spotted a ray of light — a house rather a hut ( for us .. A Ray of hope) and made a decision to walk towards that. A road surrounded by vast barren lands a sight which i had only seen in horror movies!! The place which looks extraordinarily beautiful in the light was nightmare now!

All the while i was revising the horror movies which i had seen and remembering the ghost stories !Never in life i had remembered god so much!!

All the while the moon and the flash of our cellphone was our biggest Armour. Somehow with all that we managed to reach that house rather a hut which is generally built in the farms. A old woman in her 60’s, wrinkled skin, no schooling, staying alone and had no house around her hut for nearly 20 odd kilometres. she welcomed us, got some water( which we badly needed) , and conversed that she was a widower and is staying alone in that house for nearly 20 years. No internet, watsapp ,facebook ( alien terms )A basic phone, a 60 watt bulb, and some water which she fetches from the nearby village twice in a week is all that she needs to survive!! Hearing her story made me ask her one question which was hovering in my mind all the time that how does she manage to stay alone, doesn’t she fear dark?? She smiled and replied “ its all in the mind… that can make you or break you! wonder the courage which the old lady had and made me forget all the petty things i was wondering about.

Hearing her story made me realized that most of the things good bad or ugly..originated from the mind and is the ultimate root of construction or destruction. Amazed how she managed to get these life lessons without going to a school!

That day marked my rendevous with dark and made me anti — achluophobic!!

Some things in life are to be experienced !! #Experienceteaches!! #Lessonlearnt

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