Follow Your Heart

Today I woke up, got ready and started to think about my birthday that is on 30th May. I started thinking about ‘my’ dreams. Well, everyone has dreams but most of them are sure about what they want in their future.

My first dream was to become a professional dancer because I love Hip-Hop and Freestyle dancing, I also did three choreography in my school time. Can you image I was just in 8th standard and did choreography ? Well, but after some time, dancing became just a hobby that I still love.

I also write, means I write fiction, dramatic or other genre stories (also few songs) whenever I feel like it. I have nearly 10 stories that I have been writing for 5–6 years. If my stories get a chance to be a serial/Drama/Movie, I can guaranty that people will love the story that they have never seen. But the writing thing has also become a hobby. whenever I feel certain emotions or think of a story then I just type on my laptop. You can say my laptop has treasure in it (at least for me).

Now comes the third future line that I had, it was sports, my school friends know but not my college friends that I used to be best runner in the whole school and won first place several times in race. I was captain of Kho-Kho team for 3 years and won first prize 3 times and I loved that feeling. I don’t know why but after joining college, I didn’t play sports that much, even my favorite sport football that I used to play everyday, I was not playing that also. So my third career line was also just went as hobby.

Now, I am student doing in computer science and engineering and soon going to graduate. When I first join college, I knew nothing about Computer science and never heard of any programming language. In my first year, I started to learn about my subjects and goals and one thing is sure now that I am confident about my coding skills.

I have a dream regarding my first job and I want to fulfill that dream. I got offers but rejected because it is not my dream company or location. But I am very close to my that dream now, and soon will get my dream job in my favorite city.

I just wrote few things, there are many things that people don’t know about us. JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART and WE WILL KNOW WHERE TO GO. Coming back to my birthday, this time it is full of exams, classes, and I am sure that this time I will not have that much fun, but I always do dance party, so that I will do for sure.

Thanks, first time writing on, I have wrote on many websites, so just tried here.