The results we get can only be as good as the plans we make. While making plans and following them through is a lot of work, a more intelligent approach would be to also tap onto the experiences of those who’ve already achieved success in what you aim to do.

When you closely study successful people, you will almost always discover a plan behind their success. They know what they want, they work out a plan that will get them where they want to go, and they work their plan. These are the drivers of their success.

Success leaves clues — Priyanka Naik
Success leaves clues — Priyanka Naik

To be successful…

Hey folks! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and I believe there is no better time than the present.

I am creating a new newsletter through Substack that anyone can subscribe to! This newsletter is going to be focused towards current trends in business, product and technology.

In this space, I’ll share my longer-than-tweet views on new business models, technologies, investments, entrepreneurship, sustainability and much more!

In other words: it will include happenings around us, and how one can capitalize on it. …

I discovered something interesting in the past few days, as I learnt about Myers Briggs, a personality indicator based on Carl Jung’s theory — that states that we all have innate tendencies that direct how we see the world and how we function in it.

The test classifies one into 16 different personality types and I am an INTJ: Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging. To elaborate, INTJs are introverted, they focus on the bigger picture, love to form connections between ideas, prefer to make decisions based on objective logic, and like closure and structure.

And, well, they have also been described…

SMAC (short for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is an emerging paradigm in the business world, following close on the heels of the emergence of a full-blown Internet economy. It refers to a symbiotic integration of the four major pillars of digital transformation, namely — Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, which has a potential to revamp the way we do businesses today. Tweet this!

The whole truth

SMAC is a redefined marketing approach which discourages usage of traditional cost-intensive marketing approaches and aims to adopt smarter marketing strategies like:

  • Leveraging social media: SMAC discourages usage of traditional marketing avenues like…

Priyanka Naik

Fintech Product Manager | Startup Mentor, Speaker and Influencer | Women in Finance Top 100 @Kurtosys | RiseUp @Money2020 Alum | Global Citizen

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