Apartments in Salem

Residential Flat Promoters

The sixth largest city in Tamil Nadu, covering a 100 square kilometers, Salem is often called the Steel City or the Mango City. Surrounded by hills on all the four sides and consisting of beautiful temples and forts built by kings of various dynasties that ruled the city through the centuries, Salem was also ruled by Hyder Ali, father of the great Tipu Sultan.

Today, Salem is known for its textiles, steel, sago and agricultural products. It is naturally adorned with scenic beauty and climate. Salem is a city that is developing fast. It participated in the Smart Cities Challenge initiated by the Government of India and had an overwhelming response from the citizens who sent their ideas of Salem as a Smart City to the official government website. This was a huge example of public-government partnership.

The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd. is coming up with an eco-SEZ for IT companies. This 164-acre project will be the crown jewel of Salem in times to come. This project will also bring a highly skilled workforce to Salem from around the state as well from the country.

Salem is getting ready to welcome a highly cosmopolitan community within its borders. The Municipal Corporation is getting ready to provide infrastructural support to the city and many real estate developers and promoters are getting ready to launch high-end residential projects for providing urbane living to the community.

There has been a steady rise in the number of apartments in Salem as more and more people from out of town are settling in the city. This demand is also because of people of Salem themselves rising up the ladder of prosperity and investing in high-end residential projects.

Residential flat promoters are spotting trends that are likely to create a demand for quality housing for people employed in the various industries in and around Salem. Salem is also close to various tourist spots like Yercaud and people often make Salem their base while visiting the surrounding areas.

Building promoters in Salem are also advertising their residential projects as a second home to many well-to-do individuals to invest in Salem’s growing real estate market. Salem is on the fast lane to progress and development. It is the right time to get a slice of the cake!