I disagree with the “in conjunction” part.
Nilesh Trivedi

I hadn’t looked at the CAT cut-offs :) People getting admitted with negative scores is ridiculous. That could be fixed by penalizing for attempting less a certain percentage of questions and setting a minimum cut-off. I did not mention it in the piece but I am not in favour of filling up the reserved seats by any means. I wanted to point out that sometimes our presumptions about their inferiority might not be necessarily true.

If your argument is only for Masters and PhD level reservations, then I agree completely. But in undergrad, I think reservations are still required, even if they are misused to a some extent. Governments do use reservations in higher education as an excuse for not developing the school system. But at the undergrad level for now, there might be candidates, who are intelligent, hard-working but didn’t have access to resources that I know I had. Ultimately it should be about the schools but it is not happening overnight and I don’t think reservations are the only thing holding back the government from reforming schools or even the most important one.

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