Remaining Relevant In The Ever Changing Job Market.

Over a cup of coffee in the middle of the night me and my friend were discussing our work lives. She is HR with my company and was telling me that 3000 people were fired from the company last quarter because they were planning to shift their focus from existing technologies to the new ones, and those people did not have the required skill set to fit in the new plan. After she went home I sat alone thinking, though I had often heard about layoff stories they never bothered me since I believed that it couldn’t happen with me. But this was happening on my own turf so I shuddered.

To give you a background, I work with an IT company as a part of the marketing team from past 8 years and in my watch I have seen not only the size but also the median age of my team going down. Freshers are handling the kind of profiles that I got to handle after 4 years and managing it proficiently because they are hands on with the latest technological advancements in the marketing field. Traditional marketing channels (which are my forte) are gradually taking a back seat and making way for the new wave of social media tools which are more cost effective and relevant than their predecessors.

I remembered a book I had read about remaining relevant and employable in the changing world by Rob Lambert. It said that you need to learn and adapt new technological advancements if you want to thrive in the ever changing business scenario. But I was a working professional with a full time job and a family to look after so taking regular classes was not a feasible option for me. In my search for a suitable course I looked at all options right from weekend classes, to evening ones but the amount of travelling and cost involved me deterred me from pursuing them for a long time.

Growth of online courses

At last my same friend told me that value of online certifications is rising rapidly these days in the market and asked me to look out for them. I liked the idea and my research showed that takers of online learning which started in 2011 with 160,000 registrations for 3 courses saw 58 million enrolments in 2017 for more than 7000 courses. Even business giants like Google, Facebook are acknowledging their worth. I was convinced. My quest for learning ended with me enrolling in ‘Digital Marketing Nanodegree’ with Udacity. It gave me flexibility of timing which was my biggest challenge and also provided me opportunity to interact with business stalwarts to get right perspective on its relevance in market.

A month has passed and I am learning something new everyday at my pace. It has renewed my confidence in my ability to learn and grow and after a long time I am looking forward to a better tomorrow.