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A core area that we track at Work-Bench is the adoption of DevOps and what the transition looks like in practice for large enterprises. As businesses are increasingly tasked with delivering applications and services at higher velocity, DevOps has established itself as the right guiding principles for faster and safer development and releases of software.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) has emerged as a best practice within the DevOps space — it solves for quicker testing and deployment of applications, and provides a workflow pipeline that integrates and automates different stages of the delivery process and gets releases ready to be shipped. …

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The Work-Bench Snapshot Series explores the top people, blogs, videos, and more, shaping the enterprise on a particular topic we’re looking at from an investment standpoint.

Defining the Last Mile Problem in Analytics

Here at Work-Bench, as enterprise software investors, we’ve been thinking through the last mile problem in analytics first hand and have already explored similar topics in previous Snapshots (The Evolution of Data Discovery & Catalog and The Rise of Data Engineering.)

The last mile problem in analytics broadly refers to the challenges around data generation and consumption. While data generation is a process that is traditionally owned by the engineers and revolves around cleaning, validating and transforming raw data formats, data consumption on the other hand is the point at which clean data from data pipelines is consumed by product teams and business users who then leverage BI tools to query and convert data into meaningful business outcomes. …

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As enterprise tech investors at Work-Bench, we’ve seen firsthand how hard it is for early stage startups to close early customers and build a repeatable sales process. That’s why we’re all about helping our founders successfully launch and scale their enterprise go-to-market efforts through making customer introductions, navigating complex accounts and back-channeling, and helping them build out their sales team.

Recently, Amplify Partners, Data Council, and Great Expectations published a comprehensive post, “25 Hot New Data Tools and What They DON’T Do,” highlighting the top 25 data tools in the market today. …


Priyanka Somrah 🦋

VC Analyst @Work-Bench, investing in #nextgenterprise

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