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10 annoying things that people say

As much as I love to befriend people and be nice to them, there are few who always get on our nerves (intentionally, or not). They say the most useless things at the most irrelevant time and annoy the crap out of you. I’m sure you may have met, if not all, at least one of these ten.

  1. The regular wisher: 
    Hey, Happy Birthday! Party kaha hai?’
  2. People who love my hair more than I do: 
    Kyuuuuuu? Lambe Baal acchhe the na!’
  3. People who think I live in a god forsaken land: 
    Woahhh! You live that far?’
  4. Those who always eat healthy and think they’re doing others a favor: ‘You eat rice for both lunch and dinner? How are you still so slim?’
    Really now!
  5. People who keep asking where I work: 
    Hey, you work? Where? I thought you were not working.’ 
    Social profile mein jo about section hota hai woh ek dum useless hai.
  6. People who think they’re doing all the work in the world when they’re actually not: 
    Bahut kaam hai yaar, do din se nahi soya.’
  7. Those who fake just about anything: 
    Arey I had 37 beers in 3 hours. US ka beer paani jaisa hai.
  8. People who say they have similar stuff but never wear them: 
    Heyyy pretty dress! I have the exact same dress in blue’. 
    Honestly, never see them wearing it.
  9. People who overreact for an iPhone: ‘Hey, pictures on your phone are really nice. Which phone is that? Me: Iphone 7. Woaahhh!! You actually bought it?’ Nahi yaar, bhaade mein liya hai!
  10. And of course, the ones who are worried about others weddings: 
    Aaaah! Kab karre shaadi? Koi nahi mila kya? 
    Yeh kya sabzi hai kya, milne ko?