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Essential sub commands for managing a git repository.

Git is undoubtedly one of the most popular implementations of version control.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through some of the basics of getting started with git.

Let’s consider a software developer Bob who is writing a software and wants to use git for version control of his source code.

We will walk through a tutorial of

  1. Creating a git repository
  2. Adding files to it.
  3. How to maintain different versions of the same file using git.

Here’s what Bob does by creating a repository for it’s project. …

It’s difficult to think about future. I believe it’s the uncertainty of future that make it’s intriguing. It pushes you to think hard what really you’d like to be in future.

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future — Neil Bohr

So if deciding upon of future is that hard, why worry too much about it. Rather, one should focus all of it’s energy of value creation today.

Let’s become Now-ists says , head of MIT Media Lab in this immensely popular TED talk.

One of few things, I believe, is important to figure out is…

Doubts, fear, restlessness and anxiety are only some of the feelings in one’s mind who joins an early stage company. I document here what was in my mind when I joined Zenatix as a second person and think about it retrospectively.

As I look back at the past 5 and half years spent at Zenatix, I introspect deeply into the questions I had when I joined.

If you are about to join an early stage company, this blog will help you put things in perspective.

I joined Zenatix, as a Software Engineer, six months after the company was registered, in…

In this data story , I dive into data released by RBI on Bankwise Volumes in ECS/NEFT/RTGS/Mobile Transactions — March 2019 to understand how banks are faring against each other in the mobile transactions ecosystem.

When my UPI transaction failed this morning, I was curious to understand what’s the failure rate of UPI transactions in general.

I have been using Tez(formerly Google Pay) for all of my UPI transactions which was linked to my HDFC Bank account. This was the first time that I did a transaction using a UPI address of Kotak Mahindra’s bank account.

To my disappointment, NPCI…

My current role at Zenatix is a mix of engineering and product management. I thought to myself that it would be a great idea to meet a few product folks at Product Tank Delhi meetup and learn some concepts about product management from the community.

Product Tank Delhi is a vibrant community of product folks in the Delhi-NCR region. I came to know about it through a friend who attended their previous meetup.

Product Tank meetup was hosted by a beautiful co-working space — Cowrks. I think co-working space make a great place to host meetups and they have in…

Today I got out of my office early just to work out of a garden. It was impulsive and I’m glad I did it.

I needed some fresh air. I needed that subtle strength of nature to reinforce all energies into my focused work.

An excellent coffee and birds chirping around. — ☕ + 🐦 = 📓 super-productive evening.

You should try it too!

If there is one tool that every developer uses regardless of language, platform, or framework is it’s the terminal. Getting better at typing commands on a terminal can be a huge productivity boost.

I find following shortcuts very useful in day-to-day activity.

  • Ctrl + e —Moving cursor to end of line.
  • Ctrl + a — Moving cursor to beginning of line.

Every shell implementation has “history” command which returns a list of previous commands as output. You could then copy, paste and run it. Shouldn’t there be a smarter way of doing it ?

Following commands can help you do…

Personal Account of getting into ‘Discomfort Zone’.

I had a job offer I didn’t want to accept, a research opportunity I did not want to pursue further. It just did not feel right then to pursue any of it. I wanted to explore more. I was uncertain about a lot of stuff then.

All I knew was that I was ready to dive into the sea of uncertainty. I wanted to get comfortable with uncertainess. It’s eerie, makes your nerves crack (at times maybe). Makes you sore. One’s aim should be to conquer that and win over the uncomfortable feeling and take control of oneself.

I try…

Year in review

2016 whizzed by. It’s been an eventful and a year of beginnings on which I aim to build upon in 2017.

I have never done such year in review types of blog posts before but since I consider 2016 as acrucial year for me, I wish to blog about it and share with everyone what I’ve been upto. I’ve grown as an engineer. Learned a lot from so many amazing people I’ve met through out the year.

Learnings as an Engineer

It’s part of the build-measure-learn feedback loop introduced by Eric Ries in his book, ‘The Lean Startup.’ I have tried…

Increase your productivity by using Offline Docs apps for Mac, Linux and Windows.

If you’re one of those programmers who is working on multiple technology stacks, it’s quite likely that you need to wrap your head around a lot of APIs. Therefore, it’s quite likely that you may forget some of the APIs and will need to check documentation often.

Offline Docsets help you lookup API for your module/ programming language as the name suggests in an offline manner. …

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