April Reading List

Following is my reading list for the month of April.

Khushwantnama: The Lessons of My Life

I’ve always been intrigued with the life of Khushwant Singh and I am looking forward to read about his experiences and views on life. Thanks @siddharrtth for lending. Yes, the one with the hard cover!

Clean Code

I’ve already read 3 chapters and I am completely into it. It’s one of those books on programming which makes you realise your mistakes you’re making as a professional programmer and teaches you to keep your code clean and understand the cost of owning a mess.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This one is going to be a quikie I suppose, given it’s volume. I’ve heard a lot about this classic.

If you have read any of the above mentioned books, do share your reviews with me. At the end of the month, I’ll try to review as many books as I can!

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