Beginning of the Mozilla Story

I’ve been visiting WhatCanIDoForMozilla more often than I used to. I’ve always been curious about big open source projects and their development processes.

I have started to dive into’s code and understand it’s structure.

From what I have understood, the best to way to begin with open source contributions is to start with a project whose tech stack you’re most familiar with. In my case, Mozillians was an obvious choice. It dealt with data, backend on Elasticsearch and fair amount of web application in Django. I would highly recommend anyone who has atleast 6 months of Django development experience to look at the code writing style of this project. There is certainly a lot that you can learn from the directory structuring, best practices for template rendering, best practices for import statements and much more.

You definitely need to start somewhere. I have started to look at BugZilla@Mozilla for some easy bugs to begin with.

I am extremely excited about this and let’s see where this leads me to! If you have more suggestions for me, please respond to this post. I’d love to have more inputs on beginning this journey.