A pure JavaScript-based approach to integrate Stripe Checkout with apps that run on any platform (Android, iOS, and Web) built with Expo.

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I am going to build an app for a pizza delivery restaurant “Pizza by Express” (which is my imagination at the moment) using Expo. For those who don’t know, what is Expo? It is a framework/tool built on top of React Native to build a universal app that runs on Android, iOS, and Web with a single codebase. …

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2019 is ending today. There is a quote by Michael Altshuler which says, “”, The time flies very fast. I don’t even feel like I wrote 2018: The Year in Review a year ago.

So I ‘ll just cut it short. Here are some notable things happened to me this year.


I finally got my undergraduate degree with a major in Computer Science and Engineering this year. I started in 2015 with an SGPA of 5.9 in the first semester and ended it with an SGPA of 10 in the last semester. Honestly, this college life was really a rollercoaster ride. …

What if I told you developing a Virtual Reality app is as easy as creating a simple web app. All you need to know is HTML and the basics of 3D geometry.

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In this post, I am gonna build a WebVR application. I am gonna use Aframe for the WebVR.

Okay so enough talking, let’s start the action.

Step 1: Create an HTML file.

Step 2: Add Aframe Library to the HTML file.

All you have to do is add <script src="https://aframe.io/releases/0.9.2/aframe.min.js"></script> under the head tag.

This is what index.html will look like.

<title>Intro to WebVR</title>
<script src="https://aframe.io/releases/0.9.2/aframe.min.js"></script> …


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