People should try to have their best time possible with each other , wether they are students or office goers. They should have a conversation, they should talk, laugh and enjoy the time. Rather than on their phone, with the virtual world. Where half the world or I should say 99% of them don’t care about you. The one who will be with you the whole life is right beside you and you are busy with the virtual ones. Strange! isnt it?

We have everyone who matters around us and we are busy looking on social medias for timepass or I should say happiness or maybe love.

In the 21st century people have forgotten the main essence of life. They are busy exploring sites rather than places. They are busy putting filters in there picture rather than having a conversation with there closed ones. They dress up not for themselves but to look good in pictures, so when they upload it looks good and people comment on it. Point to be noted comments are mostly from people who won’t find it good , but they comment becausethey want a comment back in return. People consider their appreciation rather than from people they are with.

With technology developmemt maybe we are in the race with others but we are diversing from the REAL.